Natural Penis Enlargment - How to Make Your Penis Bigger

Published on by Aaron Flatt

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What I want to share with you right now is some natural penis enlargement techniques on how to make your peni bigger.

With that said….How do you make your peni bigger?

Well before that there are somethings you need to be aware of. Firstly you need to follow only natural methods! The reason is because of many best stay hard pills and supplements might end up creating more damage!…like having a curved penile {am sure you have seen folks with such}.

Natural penis enlargement methods are not only cheap but also safe and produce effective results if you follow the right approach {which is what I am about to share with you}.

The Best Exercise On How To Make Your Penis Bigger

Stretch it!. Yes your hand is the ONLY tool you need to enlarge your dick size. You need to know the tactic on how to add some inches just be stretching.

You grab your penile upwards, stretch it out, count to 20 and do this at least five times a day!. It is so simple you can do it when you are having your shower!. You can of course stretch it out to the left and right side too. Doing this for a significant period of time will show you good result which in this case means an increase in your penile length.

The second exercise for increasing your dick length is to hold the tip of your peni with one hand and then with your other hand place your thumb at the base of your cock, hold this strteching position for about 20 seconds and then do it again. Do this multiple times a day.

Now this third method might make you feel a little pain but that does not negate its effectiveness.

Basically you put your hand on the tip of your dick and then put the other hand on its base, the next thing is to pull it in opposite directions for ten seconds at a time. Doing this for five minutes everyday will help to grow your penis!

And the last method is using penis streching devices. Read my review HERE.

Furthermore, another way to increase the size of your penis is by getting an erection. Studies has shown that when the penis gets erect, it allows for a reasonable level of blood flow which in turn makes the penis grow in size.

There are several ways to getting an erection and I believe you know a whole lot of them but if you are looking for ways to get enough blood flow to your penis then I recommend you try the following:

  • Get sexually stimulated: I usualy do not advise people to masturbate but in this case I will make an exception since you won’t make an habit out of it. Masturbation helps for enough blood flow into the penis region and this helps to increase the size of your penis as I stated earlier.
  • Exercise regularly: When you exercise your muscles, you give room for enough blood flow into every part of your body. In this case, your penis is not left out as it stands to gain much from it.
Why You Should Make Your Peni Bigger
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As you read this instruction here or the one at the advance penis enlargment guide you might be wondering what exactly is the benefit of having a bigger penis? Well I want to list some of them:

You see the first thing a woman notice is a man’s confidence level. If you have a downcast look then you have a little or ZERO chance of getting her to date you.While a broad chested guy with a confident look and swagger in his step has a higher chance of catching the eyes of women.

You know what too?

A man who knows what he has dangling in his pants is big enough to satisfy any woman walks around with an “i don’t have a care in the world” kind of attitude!

The bigger your penis size the more sexual stamina and endurance you will have, you will be able to control your ejaculation that means multiple orgasm for you and also you will be certain and proud that you will leave every woman satisfied and wanting more from you.

So there you have it my friend, some three basic exercises that you can start implementing right now.

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